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Our survival school have survival courses to suit all,




Our gift vouchers are available all year round,

A gift voucher is ideal for Birthdays, anniversaries, An Unusual Gift, Xmas, Stag Parties, hen Parties, Valentine Gifts, or any other special occasion you can think of,

We can be very, very discreet with the vouchers if it is to be a surprise for someone, Even if you do not have a date in mind, you can purchase a voucher from us and at a later date pick the course date which suits the best,

A voucher can be bought for the family for a family break, These are quite popular, At a later date you can pick your adventure family survival course date, It is amazing how this course can bring the family together as an unit to work together, Never under estimate what your family can do as an unit,

Why not buy a voucher for yourself and partner and treat yourselves to a break, And at the same time you will learn many an outdoor survival skill,

The skills a person will learn on one of our survival courses are a valuable asset which they can keep for the rest of their lives, Survival skills are not just for the rambo's of life, They are very valuable to anybody of any walk of life, Hill walkers, ramblers, campers, children, in fact anyone,

The skills one learns might one day save their life or someone elses,

A voucher makes a great Christmas present for over 16's (as they can take a survival course unaccompanied), or younger as long as a responsible adult accompanies them,






7 Day Activity Adventure Week               £749.00         per individual all inclusive









Knife Making Course
Bow Making Course
Flintsteel Making Course
Leather Making Course
and much more
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Or you can pay by cheque made payable to:    Outdoor Extreme

Please send to:   Outdoor Extreme, Hillend House, Waterside by Patna, Ayr, KA6 7JH


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