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About our School

The school was formed by our head Instructor Alan Finlay,

Alan who from a very young age of 10 years old had questions that needed answered, By tracking animals to see where they lived, what they ate and to study their behaviour,

His passion grew and so did the time and distance being travelled. This meant learning the hard way, How fragile the human body is when it is removed from civilization.

By age 16 Alan was pretty much self sufficient, and able to go for long periods by using his knowledge of how to read signs of weather changing to navigating using what nature provides, grazing on plants, nuts, fruits, berries, fungi, roots added to fish or animals caught, Cooked on fires lit by using natural stones or just wood and friction,

At 17 years old (in the early 80's) he joined HM Forces specifically for travelling to broaden his base knowledge, But quickly realised how little survival training is given to individuals,

By sharing his knowledge and experiencing new avenues he passed years expanding his knowledge whilst spending time in a lot of other countries such as Norway, Kenya, California, Borneo among others,

He then spent some time in the United States, On returning to the UK he worked with Corporate Training (team building etc) and due to his 3 sons being very interested in passing on their knowledge and experience, He formed a Survival School based in Scotland,

Alan, his sons and Staff now within a few years operate 5 schools based in Scotland and this year are taking parties to other destinations,

Although Alan is ex-services he DOES not run any courses as BOOT CAMPS, in fact very much the opposite,

His teaching format to the public is relaxed and put across in a somewhat unusual way to 100's of clients each year from families to OAPs and all ages in between,

In the last year he has took courses for some rather unusual people, Has had numerous write-ups in magazines and papers, worked with TV programmes and Companies including Holiday Showdown Series 6 (viewing Spring 2006), RDF Media etc, ITV1, ITV2,

The thing to remember is that learning must be fun as well as educational, If you enjoy what you are studying or doing you will take it in and retain it much better than you would an unpleasant experience,

When you are with us you are not with strangers you will be with friends you just haven't met them yet, Come along enjoy yourself educate yourself, take your new knowledge away with you and share it with anybody you can,


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